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HTML is one of the most preferred platforms for website design and development. Numerous advantages with HTML, make it an immensely popular medium among the designers, developers as well as the businesses looking to craft simple, realistic and responsive websites.

Easy to Maintain

It’s very easy to maintain a static HTML website with simple coding and syntax. You can easily make modifications to HTML website on your own with basic HTML knowledge.

Cost Effective

HTML website development is usually very cost effective. Hence, it helps you save your money and hence, is definitely a good option for the start-ups or small-scale businesses.

Quick Turnaround Time

As HTML websites are easy to develop they require much lesser development time as compared to other platform based websites. Hence, you get a website to kick start your online.

Search Engine Friendly

HTML is search engine friendly code and hence with a HTML website for your business, you are more likely to be listed in top results of the search engines.

Responsive Website Design

Almost all the browsers support HTML and moreover, with HTML5 one can easily create the most responsive websites which can run across various devices as well.

Topaz Infotech - The Best HTML Website Development Company

Topaz Infotech is the preeminent HTML website development company known to offer the smartest website development solutions to quench the technological requirements of the enterprises. Right from static simple web pages to dynamic and responsive HTML5 website design, we have every type of HTML service to meet your needs. Our website development department has adequate resources, talent and experience to leverage the right HTML design services for individuals, professionals and businesses.

We follow a calculated approach to write HTML code for websites as we take into consideration the best coding practices and development standards as the base for our coding practice. We develop SEO-friendly HTML designs only after careful analysis and study of your requirements and business goals. Our motive is to develop rich user interfaces that draw positive user experiences capable of attracting targeted audience to the website. We can create value-driven HTML websites to meet your digital marketing goals at most.

HTML Design & Development Services We Offer....

Custom Website Design

Corporate Website Design

Static Website

Dynamic & Responsive

CMC Development

HTML5 Development

Why Us?


You have the freedom to communicate with us all your requirements and goals to be accomplished with your HTML website.Hence, you can get your website done just as the way you want.


The best HTML designers with good experience of working on static and dynamic website development shall be leveraged on your project.


Unparalleled customer support through various communication channels like call, chat, mail, skype etc. Your queries or doubts will be answered for sure at any time.


We ensure timely delivery of your project within the budget constraints promised without any inner or hidden costs.


We promise to deliver only performance-oriented HTML web solutions that can drive resultsfor your business.