Vetro Sol

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VETRO SOL is a manufacturer of industrial coatings like Nano coatings for all type of surface and glass coatings, PU coatings etc. We are manufacturer of various types of Nano coatings like Ceramic Nano Coating, Glass Nano Coating, Fabric or textile Nano Coatings, anti corrosive Nano Coatings, Hydrophobic Nano Coating, Water repellent coating, glass coatings, glass paints, decorative glass paints and coating, glass lacquer, PU paints and Coatings.

VETRO SOL CERA GLARE coatings are a unique ceramic molecular compound formula (Nano-ceramics), form transparent, very stable silicone layers, thus making them an ideal basis for multifunctional coating systems that is a anti corrosive, scratch-resistant, dirt-repellent, UV-protective coating hydrophobic coating. VETRO SOL NANO COAT FOR GLASS, CERAMIC, CAR WINDSHILD ETC.

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